Arrival and Accessibility 

Address: Varvinkatu 19, 29100 Pori. 

Building Heritage Museum Toivo is at Varvinkatu 19, in the V district of Pori. 

Building Heritage Museum Toivo is a European Disability Card location. 

A visit at Building Heritage Museum Toivo is free for everyone. 


The Market Square: 550 m, about 5 minutes’ walk. 

Pori Transport Hub: 1,2 km. 

The long-distance coaches stop at the transport hub. The railway station is adjacent to the transport hub. 


There are 60-minute parking spaces (parking disc) on Juhana Herttuankatu in front of the houses, and free diagonal parking spaces on Varvinkatu. There is more parking space along the nearby streets. There is a bicycle stand in the garden. 


Building Heritage Museum Toivo is a light-coloured wooden building with one storey at the corner of Varvinkatu and Juhana Herttuankatu, opposite the park Sibeliuspuisto. On the wall on both streets there are signs that read Rakennuskulttuuritalo Toivo. The main entrance is through the corner door at the crossing. 

All of the buildings on the grounds are over 100-year-old residential buildings, making Toivo a difficult site for people with reduced mobility. The buildings have small rooms, narrow doors, high thresholds and numerous steps. Ask the staff for assistance! We do not have an accessible toilet available. 

There are two steps outside of the corner door at the main entrance, and a few more in the vestibule. There is a handrail in the vestibule. On the Toivo porch in the garden there is a handrail to help climbing the stairs. 

In the Toivo building there are three entrances on the garden side of the house. It is easy to enter the garden through the gates on Varvinkatu and on Juhana Herttuankatu. In the summer there are benches and chairs in the garden, placed among flowerbeds and fruit trees so that visitors can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional urban wooden house and its grounds. 

The Korsman House plinth is higher than that of Toivo’s, so the porch stairs are higher, too. The red Outbuilding is only a few steps up, so it is the easiest to access. On the porches there are handrails to help climbing the stairs. 

The information desk is in the office in the Toivo building, straight ahead from the main entrance and then to the left. Entering from the garden, the office can be found behind the door where it reads Toimisto. 

The toilet is in the middle of the Toivo building. 

During events the toilet in the workshop building is also at use. 

There is a baby nappy changing mat in the vestibule of the toilet in Toivo. 

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome to the museum. Ask the information desk for a water bowl for assistance dogs. 

In Toivo and in the Korsman House it is allowed to touch the objects. 

Guided tours can be adapted for groups with special needs. The special guided tours must be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance.  

Toivo lends out the Muistipakki (“Memory Case”), which includes objects from the working collections. 

Photography is allowed. When photographing for commercial purposes a photography permit must be applied.